NEWS : Jan 23rd, 2019
Buckle up!!!

NEWS : Sept 15th, 2018

NEWS : May 15th, 2018
XIT Presents… The third in our toolkit series!

NEWS : April 15th, 2018
XIT Presents… The sophomore release from our friends at Truffle!

NEWS : January 8th, 2018
New Year? New Music!

NEWS : October 1st, 2017
XIT Presents… Number two of the TOOLK It releases!

NEWS : June 20th, 2017
XIT Presents… The first in a new series of sound design releases!

NEWS : May 25th, 2017
XIT Presents… The composer collective known as Truffle!

NEWS : Oct 30th, 2016
Tinkle-y trailer tracks… KEY It.
(Tinkley?… Tinklee??… we're not really sure)

NEWS : April 5th, 2016
Introducing TICK It's big fat brother…PULSE It!

NEWS : Sept 23rd, 2015
Now we've gone and done it…

NEWS : APRIL 1st, 2015
the boys from Uncle Blunk are back to beat the crap out of their 6 strings.
(*seven guitars were critically maimed in the making of this releaseā€¦ RIP)

NEWS : FEBRUARY 15th, 2015
shhhhhhhhh! WHOOOOO!!

NEWS : JULY 7th, 2014
crash. bang. boom…

NEWS : JAN 14th, 2014
Happy New Year to all! X-It's new one is here..
Everyone ready for the summer blockbusters?

NEWS : JUNE 10th, 2013
ELECTROCKDUSTRIAL!!! Yeah… It's a thing!

NEWS : FEBRUARY 14th, 2013
From X-IT With Love…
Happy Valentines Day!

NEWS : OCTOBER 28th, 2012
X-It is happy to announce our latest release: DARKEN IT.

NEWS : JUNE 8th, 2012
Summer's here!
So is Rise It!

NEWS : MARCH 29th, 2012
X-IT! X-IT! Read all about it.
Breaking news below…

NEWS : DECEMBER 1th, 2011
Here it is… That thing we made… Enjoy!

NEWS : OCTOBER 11th, 2011
Very happy with how this turned out… Buckle up for adventure!